Wetland Conservation Projects

Since 2009, the RRC-EA continuously supports the implementation of wetland conservation projects through its Wetland Fund. The RRC-EA Wetland Fund is a small grant program that provides complementary support to ongoing and planned national wetland initiatives as a contribution of participating Contracting Parties to the implementation of the Ramsar Convention.

The program provides small grants for initiatives that can influence policy development, and for national, subnational and site level measures related to wetland management, conservation and restoration. The RRC-EA Wetland Fund also helps grantees gain track record and experience in developing and implementing short-term and small-scale projects to prepare them for access to larger grants from donor organizations in the future.

Call for Proposals

The RRC-EA regularly announces a Call for Proposals every 4th quarter of each year. Potential grantees may submit proposals in line with the following thematic areas:

  1. Wetland Conservation and Wise Use to support the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan
  2. Celebration of World Wetlands Day

The RRC-EA Wetland Fund supports up to four (4) projects under Thematic Area 1 with a budget of USD 10,000 per project, and up to three (3) projects under Thematic Area 2 with budget amounting to USD 5,000 per project.