Now available: R-METT Guide for Wetland Managers and Stakeholders

Ramsar COP Resolution XII.15 “Evaluation of the management and conservation effectiveness of Ramsar Sites” endorsed the Ramsar Site Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (R-METT) as a voluntary self-assessment tool for evaluating the management effectiveness of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands. The Resolution also urged the Ramsar Secretariat, Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP), International Organization Partners (IOPs), Ramsar Regional Centers and other partners to consider supporting the Contracting Parties in their efforts, including capacity building to apply management effectiveness tools, including the R-METT.
In support of the Resolution, the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia (RRC-EA) incorporated R-METT into the agenda of its annual regional training. The RRC-EA also emphasizes the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of management activities; thus, citing this as an integral part of the Ramsar Site management process espoused in the Ramsar guidebook “The Designation and Management of Ramsar Sites”. As a follow-on activity, the RRC-EA published a simplified R-METT guidebook for Ramsar Site managers and stakeholders that can be easily translated into other languages.
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