Wetland experts deliberate on Wetland City Accreditation in the Republic of Korea

Members of the Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) for Wetland City Accreditation of the Ramsar Convention convened on 25-27 September 2019 in Suncheon City, Republic of Korea and discussed the current accreditation process, including the stages and inherent elements for improvement. The meeting also intended to revisit the roles and responsibilities of IAC Members and Ramsar Secretariat as indicated in the Terms of Reference; review the existing nomination form, assessment procedure and resource requirements; and share ideas and formulate recommendations to enhance the accreditation process. The Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia (RRC-EA) voluntarily organized this meeting in support of the Wetland City Accreditation scheme. Participants of the meeting included wetland experts and technical officers from China (representing Asia), Austria (representing Europe), the Scientific and Technical Review Panel, CEPA Oversight Panel, WWF, ICLEI, Ramsar Secretariat, and the Republic of Korea as former IAC Co-Chair. Australia (representing Oceania) contributed to the discussions by sharing insights and recommendations prior to the meeting. Austria and ICLEI were elected to serve as IAC Co-Chairs for the next triennium (2019-2021) and outputs of the meeting will be submitted to the Ramsar Secretariat for consideration in the 58th Meeting of the Standing Committee.