RRC-EA hosts the 9th Asian Wetland Symposium

Around 300 wetland conservationists from 23 countries in Asia and neighboring regions convened virtually on 5-9 July 2021 for the 9th Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS). The 9th AWS brought together a wide range of wetland stakeholders from both the government and non-government sectors such as policy makers, managers, donors, academicians, students, and entrepreneurs, as a means to promote mainstreaming of wetland conservation and wise use across all sectors of the society. The regional forum also aimed to:

  • share skills, traditional knowledge, techniques and methods, good practices and lessons learned from the conservation and wise use of wetlands in Asia;
  • compile strategies and approaches for realizing wise use of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands;
  • expand networks among Ramsar Site and wetland managers and stakeholders in Asia;
  • enhance international cooperation and partnership on wetland conservation in the region;
  • contribute to Ramsar COP14, particularly in support of the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024 and CEPA Programme 2016-2024, by reporting good practices of wise use of wetlands in Asia; and
  • enhance involvement of the next generation in conservation and wise use of wetlands.

With the theme “Voice of Asia: Changes, challenges, and successful practices”, the 9th AWS geared to consolidate common views on wetlands and come up with “one voice” in Asia. Three keynote presentations and eight parallel sessions highlighted case studies on continuing and emerging threats and issues, practical approaches, and cooperation and collaboration for wetland conservation and wise use. A youth forum was organized by Youth Ramsar Japan on 3 July 2021 with the theme “Youth for wetlands: Future actions based on the past and present”, which discussed changes in wetlands after 50 years.

The 9th AWS was organized by the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia (RRC-EA) in collaboration with the Suncheon City Government of the Republic of Korea, Ramsar Center Japan, Wetlands International Japan, and the Japan Wetland Society.